2018 off to a great start

With record numbers reported of people signed up to do Veganuary this year (160,000+) it seems like 2018 is going to be a great year for veganism.

And after our stall on Saturday we met lots of locals that have pledged to go vegan for January. After chatting to us though I think most of them are gonna stick with it 😉

What we would hope is that even though a lot of focus is put on dietary changes, veganism isn’t actually about food. Don’t get me wrong, plant-based eating is super important and something that vegans do every day but veganism is a philosophy. Please make time to connect with the reasons that people choose to be vegan. Remember that even though plant-based treats are amazing, it’s all about abstaining from harming others.

We wish everyone the best for their transition to veganism and offer our support to anyone that needs it.